UN-Habitat is the United Nations program working towards a better urban future. Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all. Mandated by the UN General Assembly in 1978 to address the issues of urban growth, it is a knowledgeable institution on urban development processes, and understands the aspirations of cities and their residents. For close to forty years, UN-Habitat has been working in human settlements throughout the world, focusing on building a brighter future for villages, towns, and cities of all sizes. Because of these four decades of extensive experience, from the highest levels of policy to a range of specific technical issues, UN-Habitat has gained a unique and a universally acknowledged expertise in all things urban. This has placed UN-Habitat in the best position to provide answers and achievable solutions to the current challenges faced by our cities. UN-Habitat is capitalizing on its experience and position to work with partners in order to formulate the urban vision of tomorrow. It works to ensure that cities become inclusive and affordable drivers of economic growth and social development. The Global Housing Foundation (GHF) is one such partner and seeks to facilitate the development of work-force housing.

UN-Habitat envisions well-planned, well-governed, and efficient cities and other human settlements, with adequate housing, infrastructure, and universal access to employment and basic services such as water, energy, and sanitation. The Global Housing Foundation occupies a special place among the UN-Habitat Partners. It has facilitated the construction of workforce housing projects in Nicaragua and Panama in alliance with local developers, thus achieving success in public-private ventures. It operates under cooperation with local municipal authorities, thus expanding its role within a public-private-governmental endeavor. Additionally, The Global Housing Foundation mandates that a woman must be on the deed to the property. This follows UN guidelines for the empowerment of women. In fact, the GHF Executive Directors in Panama and the U.S.A. are women. GHF does more than talk about successful projects, it completes successful projects, and provides guidance and expertise based upon the UN-Habitat guidelines and is active in all seven priorities: Urban Legislation, Land and Governance; Urban Planning and Design; Urban Economy; Urban Basis Services; Housing and Slum Upgrading; Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation; and Urban Research and Capacity Development.

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